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Decibullz Introduces the First-Ever DIY Custom-Molded Wireless Earphones, Perfect for Active Users Who Want Great Sound and a Perfect, Comfortable Fit

NEW YORK and FORT COLLINS, Colo., June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- from ShowStoppers @ CE Week 2016 -- After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Decibullz Custom Audio introduces its industry-first retail-version, do-it-yourself custom-molded wireless earphones. The earphones are made for mobility and take advantage of the new AptX® high-bandwidth streaming high-quality Bluetooth® system.

Kyle Kirkpatrick, founder and CEO of Decibullz, made it his mission to create a set of earphones that would stay in and stay comfortable for active people: "Our custom-molding technology is an industry-first differentiator, equaled only by our sound engineering, which was done in-house to make sure our earphones have powerful, clear, and perfectly balanced sound combined with exceptional noise isolation. The new earphones are machined out of a solid block of aluminum for superior sound, durability, and quality."

Honoree of a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award for 2016 and winner of USA Today's Best In-Ear Headphone of 2015, Decibullz use unique thermoplastic custom-fit earpieces to create extremely comfortable, perfect-fitting earphones. When heated in water (using the microwave or the stove), the earpieces soften. Once the mold is allowed to cool to slightly above room temperature, the user then presses the earpiece to their ear, molding it to an exact fit in about four minutes, without the need for an expensive audiologist. "The result is a smooth transition from biological to mechanical. This also keeps the earphones from falling out and eliminates all pressure points," explained Kirkpatrick.

The product development team at Decibullz was guided by their Kickstarter backers to make valuable improvements for the new retail version. The newest Decibullz earpieces are combined with a specially designed state of the art wireless earphone system. Using new wireless technology like AptX®, Decibullz Wireless can deliver full "wired" audio quality. They also feature a new easy-shape system, which can be reheated as many times as needed to achieve the perfect-fitting earphones with universal inline remote and microphone for use with a smartphone. This anatomically inspired, wearable technology represents the future of earphones. In addition, smaller but much appreciated improvements were made, including a longer battery life, shortened cable, and a cord clip—all added per the feedback of the original Kickstarter backers.

"For me, headphones were always uncomfortable, and earphones would always fall out," concluded Kirkpatrick, who is a former gymnast, extreme athlete, and elite gymnastics coach. "Our goal was to create limitless audio, a perfect fitting wireless earphone that enables users to comfortably listen to their mobile device no matter what they are doing. The new wireless version ensures users can listen to what they love while doing what they love!"

The earpieces come in a variety of colors to provide an additional level of style and customization. For more information, to find a retailer near you, or to order Decibullz, visit:

About Decibullz:
Decibullz is a brand that caters to people who seek comfort and optimal fit in earphones and earplugs. After extensive research, creator Kyle Kirkpatrick concluded that the only way to fit earphones precisely is to mold them to the exact shape of the user's ear. Decibullz was created to solve this problem with an affordable, quick, and easy solution. Decibullz are the first custom-molded wireless earphones and are simply the most comfortable and best fitting wireless earphones on the market.

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